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Webinars for Adoptees
Teen to Teen: A Panel on Adoption

When: Saturday, June 5, 2021  11 am – 12:30 pm MST
Where: Zoom
Cost: $12 per person

Description:  Please join us for this panel discussion led by some incredible teen adoptees in our Heritage Camps community. Five teens from diverse backgrounds will share candidly about their experiences and perspectives, in an effort to support their peers in feeling affirmed and supported. They hope that this panel discussion will help other teenage adoptees better understand their own experiences as they grow. 

Facilitator bio: Lauren Fishbein is a transracial, international adoptee from Temuco, Chile. She is a Synergetic Play Therapist who spends her time working with and supporting adoptee’s and their families. When it comes to working with adoptees, Lauren comes from a holistic background and considers the entire picture instead of just looking at behaviors. Her studies on implicit memory have shaped her work and she believes understanding an adoptee’s first 18 months of life can provide a key when it comes to healing implicit trauma.