HCAF’s Webinars for Adoptive Parents

Webinar: The Wonderful, Wacky FASD Brain, Your Child, and You
Wednesday, August 12, 7-8 pm MT
Facilitator: Cindy LaJoy

Description: Have you ever found yourself staring at your child and saying, “What in the world were you thinking?”
If so, then you might be the parent of a kiddo with FASD.
From diagnosis, to educational concerns, to adult transition and more, bring your fears, bring your confusion, and bring your questions to this unique session.  We will talk about day to day life with a very different kind of brain, how best to work with it, what are appropriate expectations, and much more.  You will be challenged to think more deeply about your relationship with your child, and will be guided to find new systems and practices to be a far more effective parent.  Most importantly, you will hear from someone who has been in the trenches times three, and yet whose children emerged into young adulthood with fulfilling relationships still intact, and measurable success as they move forward, despite it looking different from others their age.

Bio: Parenting and homeschooling five young adult adoptees from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, three of whom have FASD, Cindy LaJoy has learned a thing or two about how to help your child succeed in a world that doesn’t understand their unique brain.  She brings a powerful message of hope, relational healing, and practical advice to those whose lives are impacted with a disability that few understand and which is seldom diagnosed properly.  This 20+ year veteran of international adoption has seen it all in her own family…RAD, FASD, SID, CAPD, ADHD, and much more. Join her for a conversation about things others seldom “get” and few believe.  She will answer your questions, speak from the heart, and invite you to view FASD in a new light filled with possibility rather than uncertainty. 


Webinar: Gender and Sexuality – Awareness and Responsiveness
Wednesday, August 19, 7-8:15 pm MT
Facilitator: Sorin L. Thomas, MA, LPC, LAC, CGP (they/their/them) Founding & Executive Director, Queer Asterisk Therapeutic Services

Description: If you are the friend or family member of a queer, transgender, or gender-expansive person and you are looking for ways to support them better, this webinar is for you! In this webinar, we will explore biological sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation in depth – unpacking terms like LGBT, queer, and non-binary. We will also learn about social, legal, and medical treatment options for transgender individuals of all ages, with the aim of assisting each other to better support our loved ones.

Bio: Sorin L. Thomas is the Founding & Executive Director at Queer Asterisk Therapeutic Services. Sorin is a queer and non-binary transgender Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Addictions Counselor with over a decade of professional experience serving LGBTQ+ individuals and their families. Sorin also identifies as a third culture kid, raised in Spain as a US citizen.

Queer Asterisk is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization guided by queer leadership and rooted in community.
Mission: We provide counseling services, educational trainings, and community programming to promote wellness through greater connection to self and others.
Vision: We envision a vibrant community that embraces authentic expression and transformation, where individuals with dynamic and intersecting identities can thrive.