HCAF’s Webinars & Workshops

‘Around the World’ Workshops for Campers
Join us for our October/November workshop series for our campers, as presenters take us “Around the World” with interactive, engaging content, and a chance for our campers to be together!

Register for all 4 sessions and choose how much you pay: $40, $60, or $80 for the series, or register for single webinar sessions for $15 each. These workshops will help raise funds for HCAF during this irregular camp year, and every amount will be beneficial. (Please email Pam@HeritageCamps.org for financial assistance. 


Session 2 – Saturday, October 24 
Latin Cooking & Cultural Connections     11 am – 11:45 am MT     K-5th grade
Latin Cooking & Cultural Connections     1 pm – 2 pm MT     6th-12 grade
Presenters: Ana & Margie Gutierrez
Description: Latin America is the home to many delicious dishes, but did you know that so many of the foods enjoyed in the Americas today are the result of a history of different cultures coming in contact with each other and bringing foods from around the world? In these workshops we will go over a few typical Latin American recipes like quesadillas, mango salsa, fried plantain, and hot chocolate. We will talk about how the ingredients in these recipes were influenced by foods brought from Africa, Asia, and Europe then combined with foods native to the Americas to ultimately create a unique and globalized meal!

Session 3 – Saturday, November 7
Worldly Watercolor Resists     11 am – 11:45 am MT     K-5th grade
Description: Students will explore the artistic magic of watercolor resists in this hands-on art class. Ms. Joy will read a story and then incorporate the colors of our world in your artwork. Materials needed: crayons, watercolor palette, paint brush, paper.

Zentangle Designs     1 pm – 2 pm MT     6th-12 grade
Description: Ms. Joy will demonstrate the art of zentangles in this class. She will teach you how to outline your designs and then fill them with the intricate designs of zentangles. You will be able to create a world that fills your continents and oceans with these fantastic shapes and lines through the art of zentangles. Materials needed: pencil, black sharpie, coloring materials (markers, crayons, colored pencils, watercolors), paper.
Presenter: Joy Giles, The Art Garage

Session 4 – Saturday, November 14
Sensational Storytime from Immedium     11 am – 11:45 am MT     K-5th grade
Description: Author Oliver Chin reads a double-header of exciting children’s books: 1) The Year of the Horse: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac;  2) The Octonauts & the Sea of Shade (from the original series that inspired the hit animated TV series worldwide). At home, kids can have fun with coloring pages and activity sheets.

Role Models in An Age of Anti-Racism     1 pm – 2 pm MT     6th-12 grade
Description: As people support Black Lives Matter, Dreamers, and civil rights, we can learn from role-models who have challenged prejudice. Author Oliver Chin shares his new illustrated book Awesome Asian Americans: 20 Stars Who Made America Amazing. These examples encourage us to look to our own communities to find inspiration to improve society.
Presenter: Oliver Chin, author

‘Around the World’ Cooking Classes for the Whole Family

Join us for our October/November cooking class series for the whole family. One parent must be present. Cook along with our guest chefs who will take us “Around the World” with yummy recipes you may not have tried before, and a chance to be with other HCAF families virtually!

Register for all 4 classes for $85 or register for a single class for $25 each. These workshops will help raise funds for HCAF during this irregular camp year, and every amount will be beneficial. (Please email Pam@HeritageCamps.org for financial assistance.

All cooking classes will begin at 4:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time


Session 1 – Saturday, October 24

Cooking Hidutu with Chefs Karla and Nilsa Leiva  from the Garífuna community in Roatan, Honduras. Description: We will be introduced to a  traditional dish from the Garífuna people living in Punta Gorda, Roatán, Honduras. This is an Afro-Caribbean community and they will be teaching the class from their restaurant in Punta Gorda. You’ll feel like you’re right there and have a delicious meal at the end. You can substitute tofu for the fish in this dish.

Session 2 – Saturday, November 7

Cooking Russian/Eastern European Cuisine with Chef Inna Shtern. Description Inna Shtern is a native Jewish -Russian chef who was born in Tashkent , in a capital of Uzbekistan. She immigrated in 1992 to Boulder, Colorado and opened with her family the first Russian Kitchen and Deli Restaurant/Store. The whole family cooked not only for the restaurant , but also delivered to a Farmers Markets , King Sooners, Wild Oats and other stores in Colorado.  Inna will teach you how to cook the traditional dishes you can find on every Russian restaurant menu, such as  vinegret salad, olivier, vegetarian borscht, piroshki and other tasty delicacies!

Session 3 – Saturday, November 14

Cooking a Traditional Dish from the Philippines with Chef Ibo Huele. Ibo has been a member of the Filipino American Community of Colorado (FACC)  since 2018. He and his wife moved to Denver, CO from the Philippines two years ago. Ibo is a hands-on dad. He does the cooking at home while his wife is busy taking care of their 20 month old baby Scarlett. He is an Ilonggo and has been cooking since he was a kid. Ibo grew up to be independent, that’s why he is very confident in the kitchen and he carries with him his Ilonggo heritage recipes taught by his grandmother and aunts. His brother is a culinary graduate and works as a chef in Dubai, and has taught him most of his cooking techniques. Professionally, he is a CRM Business Analyst for a Fortune 200 company. This is going to be a great class with a yummy result! 

Session 4 – Saturday, November 21

A Taste of Peru! Explore the cuisine of this fabulous country with Diana Castellion, a Latin American Heritage Camp parent, HCAF Board member, and long-time home chef who is a master in the kitchen! Diana and her family took off and spent a year traveling throughout Latin America a few years ago, and of course spent time in Peru. She has fun stories to tell and will help you make a delicious Peruvian dinner for your family! Recipes will include vegetarian options!