Learn, Connect, and Grow with HCAF’s Summer 2020 Webinars


Register for individual webinars for $30 each or attend all three sessions in a series for $75. Webinars are designed so that you do not need to have attended the previous session.

After registering for individual sessions, or an entire series, you’ll receive an email with the Zoom link. Those registered will receive a link to the video recording after the completion of the webinar, so if you’re unable to attend on the scheduled date/time you can still benefit. All webinars are in Mountain Time.

Black Identity

Webinar 1: Who Am I? Racial Identity Development in Youth
When: Wednesday, June 3, 7 pm – 8 pm MT
Presenter: Dr. Apryl Alexander, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver

Everyone can recall the awkward periods of childhood and adolescence and trying to discover your own identity. Developing one’s racial identity can especially be difficult given all of the forces (i.e., family, peers, media, institutional racism) that children encounter. Racial identity development models explain how children and adolescents navigate these stages and challenges that arise. We will discuss ways to foster healthy development.

Webinar 2: Black Identity in Schooling
When: Wednesday, June 10, 7 pm – 8 pm MT
Presenter: Asia Lyons, Lyons Educational Consulting

Our children spend the majority of their lives in school. What racial situations will your child need to navigate in school in the K-12 or higher education space?  As the parent of a Black child, what conversations will you need to navigate about being Black in school? 

Webinar 3: But I Heard… Navigating Difficult Dialogues
When: Wednesday, June 17, 7 pm – 8 pm MT
Presenter: Dr. Apryl Alexander, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver

Children ask adults TONS of questions as a way of figuring out the world around them. Some are easier than others. How do you handle difficult dialogues about race? What about events in the news? We will discuss how to discuss these difficult topics in a developmentally appropriate and honest manner.


Navigating Adoption with Adoptees

Webinar 1: Generational Trauma
When: Tuesday, June 9, 7 pm – 8:15 pm MT
Presenter: Lauren Fishbein, 

In this presentation, Lauren will define what generation trauma is and briefly speak about the research that brought it to light. I will talk about how this type of trauma impacts adoptee’s and why it is important for parents to understand the history of whichever country their child came from. Lauren will speak to the role of epigenetics and how we are able to work with this type of trauma in the present moment. 

Webinar 2: Implicit Memory & Adoption
When: Tuesday, June 16, 7 pm – 8:15 pm MT

In this workshop Lauren delves into implicit memory and how the womb-2 years of life create a blueprint for an adoptee. You will learn about how this impacts a child’s brain and nervous system and how to support your child through tough moments. Lauren ties it together with the technique Connect and Redirect by Dr. Daniel Siegel and Dr. Tina Bryson so you have a tool to work with immediately!  

Presenter Bio: Lauren Fishbein is a transracial, international adoptee from Temuco, Chile. She is a Synergetic Play Therapist who spends her time working with and supporting adoptee’s and their families. When it comes to working with adoptees, Lauren comes from a holistic background and considers the entire picture instead of just looking at behaviors. Her studies on implicit memory have shaped her work and she believes understanding an adoptee’s first 18 months of life can provide a key when it comes to healing implicit trauma.  

Webinar 3: Adoptees and Social Media: Navigating Emerging Issues  
When: June 23, 7 pm – 8:15 pm MT
Presenter: Emma Sower, BS, Masters in Forensic Psychology Student, University of Denver 

Social media has become a large factor in young people’s lives. The ease of finding individuals online has resulted in difficult dialogues among adoptees and their parents. We will discuss various social media scenarios facing adoptees, including adoptees wanting to find their birth family online, birth parents or siblings reaching out to the adoptee, or the birth family contacting the adoptee’s parents via social media. We will discuss ways for parents and children to navigate these conversations about social media and increase their interpersonal safety. 


Asian Identity

Webinar 1: How the Coronavirus Shapes Asian Adoptee Identities- Bias, Colorblindness, and Stereotypes
When: Wednesday, July 1, 7 pm – 8:15 pm MT
Presenter: Hannah Matthys

In this session we will be examining how the Coronavirus rhetoric feeds into already prevalent stereotypes about Asians. We will begin with a deep dive into understanding implicit bias, and how stereotypes now draw on prior racist conceptions of Asians from early in our country’s history. We will also touch on the role of colorblindness- how it strengthens bias and silences children from talking about the uncomfortability in their experiences.

Webinar 2: But is that Racism? – Understanding Microaggressions, Othering, Stereotype Threat, and Racial Imposter Syndrome
When: Wednesday, July 8, 7 pm – 8:15 pm MT 
Presenter: Hannah Matthys

This session will be complimentary to session #1, although you can attend it standalone if unable to make session #1. In this session, we will be examining how bias and stereotypes impact the racial identity development of  Asian Adoptees, and provide tools to help you build resilience with your child.

Presenter Bio:  Dr. Hannah Matthys is a transracial and transnational adoptee who grew up in a small, rural community in Wisconsin. She earned her PhD from the University of Colorado, focusing on identity development, creating belonging, and equity. This helped her to develop a lens and discover the words to describe the inequities that permeated her existence. Equipped with this knowledge and expertise, her goal now is to provide access to theories and conversations that often live in the world of academia, grounding them in participants’ lived experiences and centering them in growth and transformation. This expertise and experience has been developing over 10 years of teaching and facilitation around belonging and equity in college and graduate courses, conferences, and school districts, and in her own consulting company, BeBrave Diversity. She now leads EDI as the EDI officer of the State of Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment.

Webinar 3: Physical Self-Image Issues for Adult Transracial Adoptees
When: Wednesday, July 15, 7 pm – 8:15 pm MT
Presenter: Mark Hagland

What are some of the challenges specific to the life journeys of transracial adoptees, relative to physical self-image? Transracial adoptees most often grow up lacking the racial mirrors needed to develop healthy physical self-image needed to navigate the world with self-confidence. Mark Hagland, an adult Korean adoptee, will share his insights and perspectives on this set of issues for transracial adoptees.

Presenter Bio: Mark Hagland is an adult transracial adoptee born in South Korea in 1960, and who was raised in the Midwest in the 1960s and 1970s. A professional journalist, he has spent 20 years in forums–both in-person and online–around transracial adoption, and has spoken on a wide range of issues of interest to the stakeholder groups in the transracial adoption constellation. He has contributed to several anthologies created by teams of adult transracial adoptees, and has participated in a wide range of conferences. He lives in Chicago.