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Tools to Thrive: Adoption Webinar Series for Parents & Adult Adoptees

Cost: $30 for each workshop or $75 for the series. The first session of the series has past but if you pay for all three sessions, you’ll receive access to the webinar recording. 

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Session 1 – Wednesday, February 17, 2021*   7-8:15 pm MT
An Adoptee’s Perspective on Racial Trauma, Healing, and Privilege
Presenter: Corissa JS Gold, LPC, ATR, MFA
This webinar has already taken place, but you may register and pay to access the recording, either as an individual webinar or as part of the entire discounted series. 

Corissa JS Gold — adoptee, licensed professional counselor, art therapist, and artist — shares how the cruelty of institutional racism, the creative process of art making, and the love of family evoked the necessary healing and clinical insights to support others in being anti-racist. She’ll share her own journey, reflections, and expertise to help parents support their children as they grow. 

Presenter bio: 
Corissa JS Gold is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Art Therapist who has worked in the Mental Health field for over 20 years, specializing in family dynamics, adoption, multi-generational trauma and diversity education and advocacy.  She brings her clinical expertise and passion for art therapy to a variety of families, children and adolescents. Corissa is also a multi-medium sculptor, using found objects, woodworking techniques, painting and photography to explore how art relates to environments, challenges cultural norms, and builds a sense of comfort. She has had various exhibits nationally and internationally, as well as permanent corporate installations. Corissa earned a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, CO (2003) following a Master’s Degree in Sculpture from the University of Colorado, Boulder (1990).

Session 2 – Wednesday, February 24, 2021   7-8:30 pm MT
Adoption & Executive Function 
Presenter: Seth Perler, Executive Function, ADHD, and 2e Coach

Seth Perler, Executive Function Coach, ADHD and 2e Coach (and adoptee), will help parents and adult adoptees understand Executive Function, so they can better support their kids and/or themselves, and position them to self-actualize and shine. This webinar will provide you with honest, practical and unconventional approaches to helping complicated, struggling students. More than 1 in 10 students struggle with Executive Function, and since many adults don’t understand how EF impacts these complex kids, they often don’t get the help they need

Presenter Bio: 
Seth Perler is a renegade teacher turned Executive Function Coach & 2e Coach, and an adoptee. He helps struggling students navigate a crazy educational landscape and does his part to “disrupt” and improve education. He specializes in Executive Function and 2e, Twice Exceptional learners. Seth shares the incredible challenges he experienced in school and why it isn’t working for countless outside-the-box, neurodiverse learners of today. You can read more about Seth’s story here. Check out Seth’s Executive Function Parent Summit in August.

Session 3 – Wednesday, March 24, 2021*   7-8:15 pm MT
Resilience to Caregiver Stress
Presenter: Brian D. Tallant, LPC, NADD-CC
*Note: This workshop has been rescheduled from an earlier date in March. 

Various forms of caregiving stress will be presented such as burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.  The impact of caregiver stress will be considered, as well as its converse, compassion satisfaction, especially as they relate to a caregiver’s quality of life.  A three-tiered model of caretaker resilience will be presented, containing components of physical resilience, psychological resilience, and spiritual resilience.  Attendees will be given practical tools that they can use to assess their level of secondary stress, as well as tools to develop a practical yet powerful, life-long resilience plan.  

Presenter Bio:
Brian Tallant is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been Program Manager of Aurora Mental Health’s Hampden Youth Campus for over 23 years.  Brian specializes in treating youth who have intensive mental health needs, who have experienced trauma, and who have co-occurring developmental disabilities. Brian is a contributing member of the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress (NCCTS) Trauma & IDD Expert Panel.  Brian has also served on the Board of Directors for NADD, an association for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health needs.  Brian conducts workshops nationally and internationally on adapted mental health treatment for youth and caregiver resilience.


Mini Book Clubs: One-Time Discussions

So You Want To Talk About Race with Dr. Apryl Alexander

When: Wednesday, April 21, 2021  7 pm – 8:15 pm MT
Where: Zoom
Cost: $25 per person

Join Dr. Apryl Alexander for a thoughtful and interactive discussion of Ijeoma Oluo’s New York Times Bestseller, So You Want To Talk About Race. This one-time “mini book club” is a chance for adoptive parents to delve into concepts and examples from Oluo’s book, and deepen their understanding of race in the U.S.  While several of the topics in Oluo’s book focus primarily on Blackness, Dr. Alexander will connect these topics to the impacts on non-Black People of Color as well. Non-adoptive parents are welcome to register and join this discussion. 

Presenter bio:
Apryl Alexander is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology with concentrations in forensic psychology and child and family therapy. Dr. Alexander’s research and clinical work centers around violence and victimization, human sexuality, and trauma-informed and culturally informed practice.


Searching for Mom: A Memoir with author & adoptee, Sara Easterly

When: Wednesday, May 19, 2021   7 pm – 8:15 pm MT
Where: Zoom
Cost: $25 per person

Meet the author of Searching for Mom: A Memoir. As an adoptee, Sara had difficulties attaching to her mother, struggled with her faith, lived the effects of intergenerational wounding, and felt an inherent sense of being unwanted that drove her to perfectionism, suicidal ideations, and fantasy mothers. When she became a mom, her search to find and become “the perfect mother” intensified … until her mother’s death launched a spiritual epiphany. Sara’s perspective as an adoptee offers insight for anyone in the adoption constellation, and her hopeful story with themes of belonging, family, forgiveness, and being known are universally relevant to all mothers and daughters. Join this author-facilitated discussion about Sara’s memoir and ask questions that may help guide you in your journey as it relates to adoption.

Presenter bio:
Sara Easterly is an award-winning author of books and essays. Her memoir,
Searching for Mom, won a Gold Medal in the Illumination Book Awards, garnered a Silver Medal in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, and received an honorable mention in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, among other honors. Her essays and articles have been published by Dear Adoption, Feminine Collective, Her View From Home, Godspace, Neufeld Institute, Psychology Today, Red Letter Christians, and Severance Magazine, to name a few. Sara is passionate about helping others in the adoption constellation understand the often-misunderstood hearts of adopted children. Find her online at saraeasterly.com.