Volunteer at Heritage Camps

Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families is intentionally and thoughtfully structured with volunteerism as a core component. Unlike other adoption camps that employ a robust staff, removing families from the planning process and implementation of camp, HCAF believes that parental and community involvement creates meaningful bonds.


Parents are invested in growing camp programming that is responsive to the needs of their kids and other families. Adoptees experience meaningful engagement from their parents that cannot be achieved merely from writing a check for camp fees. We’ve heard from countless families who say that volunteering at camp — getting their hands messy, problem-solving with adult adoptees or cultural community members — has created meaningful and lasting relationships that enrich their lives.

Every parent is required to volunteer at camp. Volunteer assignments are made after registration. You will be notified of your volunteer role prior to camp, however, if you would like to play a more active role in the planning and vision of your camp, you can volunteer to coordinate, or to co-​coordinate activities/​committees prior to camp. During registration, you’ll have an opportunity to select activities of interest. The director of your camp will be in touch with specific details.

Click here to fill out our Adoptive Parent and Cultural Community Volunteer Form located at the bottom of this page.

Cultural Community Members

Many of the communities that represent the birth cultures of adoptees have shared that volunteering at camp is a way to show love and care for “their kids” — children who will be forever tied to their culture. We value the knowledge and commitment of the cultural communities who return to camp year after year to educate families and serve as role models for adoptees.

In alignment with HCAF’s value of connecting adoptees with authentic cultural experiences, we strive to have each kids workshop led by a member of that particular cultural community. If you are a member of one of our cultural communities and would like to volunteer your time and expertise at camp, please complete the volunteer form and select one or more areas where you’d like to contribute. The camp director will contact you to discuss your role at camp.

Fill out the Adoptive Parent and Cultural Community Volunteer Form below.

You Make A Difference

Our campers have benefited from the incredible volunteer engagement of adult adoptees, who not only serve as “cultural/racial mirrors” but also ensure that the perspectives and concerns of adoptees guide our programming. We encourage you to consider becoming a volunteer coordinator.

When you complete HCAF’s volunteer form, please use the “other” area to specify that you are an adult adoptee, as well as whether or not you have attended HCAF in the past. If you are over 18 years of age, you are also welcome to be a camp counselor working directly with the younger adoptees. If you come to camp as a counselor, there will be no charge to you, but there will be a charge for your family to attend. Apply to be a camp counselor.

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    What we find most valuable about Korean Heritage Camp is the energy, friendship, and love that each of us feels (young and old) when we all gather together to celebrate and support one another. The counselors so fully exemplify this. They are amazing! There is just something powerful for each and everyone of us at Korean Heritage Camp! We are still feeling the charge.

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