Adult Adoptees

Adult adoptees are encouraged to attend our camps, whether you have been a camper for years, or have never attended camp.

At Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, we center the experiences and perspectives of adoptees. The involvement of adult adoptees are an integral part of us achieving our mission.

Each year, we hear from countless adult adoptees who emphasize the importance of maintaining connections with fellow adoptees and with their cultural community throughout their lives.

Additionally, many adult adoptees feel that Heritage Camps is a meaningful way to expose their own children to adoption and to their parent’s culture of birth. For adult adoptees, their partners and children, there will be a discounted camp rate of $100 per person for the full camp, or $60 per person for one day of cmap. 

Volunteer for Camp

Our campers have benefitted from the incredible volunteer engagement of adult adoptees, who not only serve as “cultural/racial mirrors” but also ensure that the perspectives and concerns of adoptees guide our programming. We encourage you to consider becoming a volunteer coordinator.

When you complete HCAF’s volunteer form, please use the “other” area to specify that you are an adult adoptee, as well as whether or not you have attended HCAF in the past.

Be a Camp Counselor

If you are over 18 years of age, you are also welcome to be a camp counselor working directly with the younger adoptees. If you come to camp as a counselor, there will be no charge to you, but there will be a charge for your family to attend. Apply to be a camp counselor.

Just Come to Attend Camp

We encourage you to come and enjoy a camp experience like no other; one that will enrich your life as an adoptee, and as a member of your cultural community. It is never too late to come to camp! You are welcome to register for camp at a reduced rate. Simply enter the “Special Code” 441 when you register!

Enter the “Special Code” 441 when you register!