Young Adult Adoptee Experience

Camp never ends! The Young Adult Adoptee Program, for adoptees that are ages 18-23, is offered at HCAF’s 9 adoption camps. Participants benefit from social networking with other adoptees; outdoor and artistic activities focused on relationship building; and workshops built around shared experiences, such as exploring identity and new phases into adulthood. We recognize that experiences related to adoption don’t disappear when a person graduates high school, or has their 18th birthday. Relationships with older adult adoptees, and structured conversations provide essential support. 

“We’ve heard from so many high school graduates who feel they need the continued support that Heritage Camps has offered throughout their childhood and adolescence. Adoptees like myself often realize that the transition into adulthood brings up very different issues, related to things like dating and marriage, or fitting into your cultural and racial group in a new community,” explains Narmada Morris, a Board Member and former camper.

Each camp has its own unique programming, developed by adoptees, for adoptees. 

Camp Dates

The Young Adult Adoptee Program is offered at each of our 9 camps. Just click on “Camps” in the menu at the top of our website, and select the camp that corresponds with your birth culture. Camp dates and locations are located on each individual camp webpage, and on the right-hand side of our homepage. 

Young Adult Adoptee programming mainly occurs on the 2nd full day of each camp, but you are welcome and encouraged to attend all of camp. 

Sample Topics

Stereotypes in college or workplace – how to recognize and respond
Life transitions – leaving home, getting married, the big purchases, etc.
Connecting to birth family
Homeland tours

Sample Schedule

10 am                           Forming Connections
10:30 am – 12 pm       Outdoor activity, such as hiking, ropes course, canoeing, etc. 
12 pm – 1 pm              Lunch with entire camp
1:00-2:00 pm              Workshop specific to adult adoptees (varies per camp)

Camp fees

For adult adoptees, there will be a discounted camp rate of $120 per adult person for the full camp, or $85 per adult person for one day of camp. Children of adult adoptees will attend at the regular camp program rates per day.  You will be responsible for your lodging using our group rate here your camp is held.  Additionally, if you want to stay on-site (at the mountain camps) overnight on Friday or Saturday night, we will have lodge rooms available for up to 6 people, at a rate of $160 per room. This will be determined by how many Young Adult Adoptee participants choose to stay on site.