Thanks to strong leadership from adult adoptees on our Board of Directors and Advisory Board, we’re excited to offer our Post-High School Experience for ages 18-25!

For those of you with teens or those in their early 20s, you know adoptees who are ages 18+ benefit from continued support as they grow into adulthood. 

 After many years of years of feedback from recent high school graduates who weren’t interested in being camp counselors, or adoptees in their mid-20s thinking about the impacts of adoption on their future spouses and possibly children, we finally heard the call and created the Post-High School Experience.  

Adoptees get the same familiar and welcoming community that many of them grew up in, but with programming specifically geared towards building relationships with other adult adoptees, exploring topics related to adoption and life transitions, or homeland tours/birth family connections. 

The Post-High School Experience occurs on the 2nd full day of camp. 


Sample Schedule

10 am                           Forming Connections
10:30 am – 12 pm      Outdoor activity (canoeing, ropes course, etc.)
12 pm – 1 pm              Lunch with entire camp
1:00-2:00 pm               Workshop specific to adult adoptees (varies per camp)

Camp & Lodging fees

For adult adoptees, there will be a discounted camp rate of $100 per adult person for the full camp, or $60 per adult person for one day of camp. Children of adult adoptees will attend at the regular camp program rates per day. We will be working with adult adoptees who register as individuals on shared lodging to help keep lodging costs reasonable, and will contact you after you register to discuss details. Additionally, if you want to stay on-site (at the mountain camps) overnight on Friday or Saturday night, we will have lodge rooms available for up to 6 people, at a rate of $148 per room. This will be determined by how many Post-High School participants choose to stay on-site.