HeArt Talks™ — for elementary-age kids

The model was designed in 1995 by Mimi Farrelly-​Hansen, an experienced child art therapist, former preschool and elementary school teacher, and parent of a daughter adopted from India. Farrelly-Hansen created a sequence of age-appropriate art interventions that would facilitate conversation among children about their experiences of being adopted and raised by American families in the United States. These art activities, developed for each age group of children and youth, were designed with an understanding of the developmental stages of adoption awareness.

HeArt Talks™ is conducted by licensed art therapy counselors and volunteers with a focus on the following goals:

  • Provide a safe place for transculturally and transracially adopted children and siblings to talk and make art.
  • Reduce social isolation and promote empowerment via problem solving and art making.
  • Foster positive self-​esteem through affirming cultural roots and role models and through completing age appropriate art tasks.