Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families has been a significant part of my life for the past 20 years. Camp helped me find my identity and also a place where I truly fit in. Outside of camp, no matter where I went, I never felt like I quite fit in because of my adoption – I wasn’t quite “white enough” being at American school, and I wasn’t “Asian enough” being at Chinese school as most of the other students there had Chinese parents who could help them. 

Besides providing a place where once a year I could go hang out with other kids who looked like me, who had families that looked like mine, I benefited tremendously from the camp counselors and cultural community members, who were role models for me.

This is important especially in today’s society since the media plays a big role in the types of people that kids look up to. Every counselor I ever had growing up was in touch with their cultural identity and had a passion for being at camp. Cultural community members not only helped me feel a connection to my culture, and an understanding that made me more comfortable later on in adulthood, but they made it incredibly fun.

As an adult adoptee, I continue to benefit from the lifelong connections I made at camp, but I also have a chance to give back to this next generation of adoptees and adoptive families.

I bring a unique perspective and valuable insight to the programming, and continue to contribute by being on adult adoptee panels and serving as a counselor coordinator. I also choose to donate to Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, as an individual, and in connection with my workplace giving opportunities. I know that my financial gifts help keep the camp experience alive for others like me. 

Join Sarah, and schedule your gift for Colorado Gives Day! Make your donation here, select December 8th as the day for your donation, and we’ll benefit from a $1 Million incentive fund through Giving First.