Our camp families and supporters know that we strive to bring cultural authenticity and adopee perspectives to all of our camps. Heritage Camps’ Advisory Board is at the heart of these efforts. Comprised of presenters from the birth cultures of our campers, and adult adoptees who either grew up attending camp or found HCAF later in life, the Advisory Board provides guidance to our staff and Board of Directors when we meet several times each year. Our Advisory Board is enriched by cultural and racial diversity, as well as a broad range of ages. 
 Different Perspectives Enrich Our Programming 

Our youngest Advisory Board members often connect us to issues that our high school campers might be facing, such as issues related to identity and representation in the media, or the need for role models. They’ve helped us achieve a balance between connecting adoptees to their Chinese or Ethiopian culture, for example, while also supporting exploring what it means to be seen as Asian American or Black. By engaging in these conversations, and brainstorming how we can reflect these issues at camp, we ensure that our programming is relevant and meaningful. 

 Several of our Advisory Board members have played an important role ensuring that the cultural activities at camp are more than just arts and crafts, or sports from a particular country, but that our campers gain an understanding of cultural values or history as well. Those who immigrated from their home countries truly help connect adoptees to their birth culture. 

Our adult adoptees continue to help us strengthen programming for our young campers and our adults. They might be brainstorming ways to build confidence and strengthen relationships among our middle schoolers, or developing new workshop ideas for parents.  

Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families continues to be enriched by the perspectives, innovation, and dedication from our Advisory Board!