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Scholarship Application Information

Please do NOT complete a scholarship application until you register for camp.

We generally award a scholarship to every family who applies, but more than likely it will not be for the full amount.

This is based on the number of other applicants who have applied and the funds they have asked for. We ask you to contribute as much as you can toward your camp costs, in whatever amount that might be.

When registering online, you will have to pay the full amount via credit card for your camp fees (due to the way the registration system works online), then when you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive a reimbursement check from HCAF. The scholarship deadlines are posted on our web site and awards will be made soon after the deadline. You MUST complete a scholarship application in order to be considered.

Scholarships may also be awarded for lodging costs, but you will have to pay your lodging deposit when you reserve your space on-​line or via phone. If you are awarded scholarship funds for lodging, those funds will be included I your scholarship award check that will be mailed toyou before camp for you to use to pay your lodging balance.

Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria: family size; family income; number of family members attending Heritage Camp this summer; willingness of adult family members to assist in camp preparations or during camp above and beyond assigned volunteer positions, and extenuating family circumstances.

The following table shows income guidelines that may be used when deciding on scholarships, but a reminder that this is not our ONLY criteria.

Family Size

Income Level

















Scholarship Application Deadlines:

Since scholarship funding is dependent upon how many applicants apply for each camp, and the funding requested, we are unable to accept any scholarship applications after the camp’s deadline. Scholarships will be awarded and distributed within 10 days of the deadline. Thank you!



African Caribbean

May 1


June 1


July 1

Chinese II

July 1

Domestic Adoption Camp

July 1


June 1

Indian Nepalese

May 1


May 1

Latin American

May 1


June 1


June 1

If you have registered for camp, please CLICK HERE to complete your Scholarship Application. Thank you!

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