More than Me™ 

HCAF’s More Than Me™ program supports campers in working together toward a common goal, connecting them to new worlds outside of themselves. Our middle school and high school groups have expanded their experiences of life’s possibilities, mobilized their energy, and empowered themselves as individuals and as a group to effect positive change for more than 30 different organizations making an impact around the world.

Pre-adolescence is a time when many adopted kids wonder “what if?”

A fact sheet for families developed by the Child Welfare Information Gateway reports, “As adopted teens mature, they think more about how their lives would have been different if they had not been adopted or if they had been adopted by another family. They frequently wonder who they would have become under other circumstances…In addition to all of the possibilities life holds, adoptees realize the possibilities that were lost.”

Through the various More Than Me™ projects, our campers have raised nearly $35,000 for these worthy organizations, and sent countless medical supplies, school supplies, art supplies, and clothing to children around the world.

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