Adult Adoptees

You are most welcome to attend one of our heritage camps, whether you have been a camper for years, or have never attended a camp before.

It is important to maintain your connections with fellow adoptees and with your cultural community throughout your lives. Attending a Heritage Camp is a good place to start or to continue those connections!

Heritage Camps has been developed over the past 25 years for and about you, the adoptee, and therefore we want to strongly encourage you to become involved in this experience as an adult. Many adoptees have, and they often say it has been a “life changing experience” for them. It is also a very good way to expose your own children to adoption and to your culture of birth.

As the adult adoptee population grows at each camp, programs will be developed specifically to meet your needs, and workshop tracks will be designed for just adult adoptees to attend. Of course, the excellent workshops developed for parents of adoptees will also be open to you at every camp. Heritage Camps is notorious for bringing in high quality, national speakers in the areas of adoption and culture.

Speaking of culture, heritage camp will also be a place for you to connect with people of your cultural heritage, and to learn more about who you are and where you came from. It is certainly not like being in your birth country, but it is like being among other Korean-​Americans, Latino-​Americans, Indian-​Americans, etc. It is a place for you to feel a sense of belonging, and a place to build a racial/​ethnic support network for you and for your family.

For adult adoptees, their spouses and children, there will be a discounted camp rate of $90 per person, rather than the $108 we normally charge.

Volunteer for Camp!

We would also love to have your help as a volunteer coordinator in the camp planning stages. If you wish to come back to volunteer at camp, please complete the volunteer form. In the “Other” area, please write that you are an adult adoptee and whether or not you have attended a Heritage Camp in the past.

Adoptive Parent & Cultural Volunteer Form

Be a Camp Counselor!

If you are over 18 years of age, you are also welcome to be a camp counselor working directly with the younger adoptees. You can apply to be a counselor.If you come to camp as a counselor, there will be no charge to you, but there will be a charge for your family to attend.

Apply to Be a Camp Counselor

Just Come to Attend Camp!

We encourage you to come and enjoy a camp experience like no other; one that will enrich your life as an adoptee, and as a member of your cultural community. It is never too late to come to camp! You are welcome to register for camp at a reduced rate. Simply enter the “Special Code” 441 when you register!

Register for camp as an Adult Adoptee

Or.…attend our Adult Adoptee Retreat!

Please click on the link to read all about ur Adult Adoptee Retreat (AAR). We had first AAR in 2015, and it was a great success! The AAR is developed for, by, with, and about adult adoptees, age 18 and above, from all races and cultures, and places of birth. It is a phenomenal opportunity to spend meaningful time with only people who have something essential in common with you — adoption. As one participant said after the first AAR:

“Adult Adoptee Retreat: A great experience to come together with other people who are like you, another group to call your family. A place to share open and honest communication about your experiences.”

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