Cultural Advisory Board

A cornerstone of our organization is the authenticity of our cultural programming for all ages, from preschoolers to parents.

Without the support of our various cultural communities, we would not be able to provide this kind of experience. Our Cultural Advisory Board is made up of a few members from each of these communities. We meet at least twice a year to brainstorm with them about ways to best utilize their talents and services, find out how their communities want to help, and keep this vital cultural connection alive and growing year after year.

“Korean Heritage Camp is where I get much more than what I give. I am so thankful for Colorado Heritage Camps for giving me the opportunity to serve but more importantly be served. This has been the best place to learn parenting skills, even though my children are not adopted!” –Peter Lee

“Heritage Camp embodies everything that I love — the cool Colorado mountains-​beautiful smiling children-​and sharing my cultural heritage! But mainly, I do this to honor the experience of my family and my two younger brothers who were adopted from the Philippines.” – Fran Campbell

“I feel like I’m going to a big family reunion every year! I hope the kids and the parents get a chance to hear a different perspective than the ones they get during the rest of the year and that it’s valuable, thought-​provoking and most importantly, real and down-​to-​earth. I also hope I put a face to the great African American history that they share — no matter what color or race they may be — because our histories are inextricably intertwined.” – Arthur McFarlane

Cultural Advisory Board December 2014 dinner with Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families Board Members and Staff.


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