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Meet Our Board of Directors

Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families has a large Board of Directors, simply because we try to have representation on the Board from each of our thirteen heritage camps and retreats with adoptive parents, adoptees, and community members. If you are interested in joining our Board, please contact Gigot Hudspeth, Board President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Gigot Hudspeth

Gigot Hudspeth, Board President

Gigot is an IT engineer for Navy Federal Credit Union. His favorite activities include spending time with family, skiing, mountain biking and travel. He and his wife, Eli, have one teenage son who was adopted from Guatemala. Gigot embraces the opportunities at Latin American Heritage Camp to learn about and celebrate his son’s ethnicity. Gigot has been a presenter and food coordinator at Latin American Heritage Camp for several years. Gigot is moved by the positive, lasting and loving impact that camp has on attendees. He enjoys supporting HCAF’s mission to be a post adoption resource and advocate for children and families with diverse heritages. Spreading the word about the importance and value of Heritage Camps and helping steer HCAF to a lasting and vibrant future are some of Gigot’s greatest passions.

Denise Chapman

Denise Chapman, President Elect

Denise is a senior manager at JDSU where she leads the field training and communications team. She and her husband Rick have two daughters (ages 9 and 6) and one son (age 8) adopted from the United States and one son (age 7) adopted from Russia. The Chapman family became involved with Heritage Camps initially by attending Russian, Eastern European and Central Asia Heritage Camp and now also attends Domestic Adoption Camp. Denise says she is on the board because “camp has been such a gift for our family. Both REECA and DAC provide all of us with unique experiences and insight we can’t get anywhere else. Being on the board is an opportunity for me to give back to an organization that has given our family so much.”

Marion Delanoy

Marion Delanoy, Board Treasurer

Marion is a CPA and shareholder at Brinkerhoff Revenig & Corrigan, P.C. in Denver. She and her husband Rich have three adopted children from Korea, who are now adults. They have participated in Korean heritage camp for almost 20 years. They also have a bio daughter who keot coming to camp even afer her Korean siblings “graduated!” Marion says she is on the board because “attending camps, both as campers and counselors, has made a world of difference for my kids and I want to make sure every child adopted into a different culture also has an opportunity to have these experiences.”

Lisa Sevcik

Lisa Sevcik, Board Secretary

Lisa is a software engineer at Lockheed Martin. Her family includes her supportive husband Tadd, 2 biological teenage daughters, and an 11 year old son adopted from Guatemala. They have been attending Latin American Heritage Camp since 2009 during which Lisa served as camp director for 3 years. “I am in awe of the caring parents and creative children that make up our heritage camp community and I look forward to serving them as a board member.” When Lisa is not writing code, driving her kiddos to school activities or cooking dinner, she enjoys quilting and running — just not at the same time!


Sharon Blender, Past Board President

Sharon & her husband Paul Grabowski have been part of Cambodian Heritage Camp for 10 years along with their 12 year-​old son Adam, adopted from Cambodia. Sharon says what she loves about HCAF is “how we teach families to fully embrace & respect their child’s culture, community and identity in a positive, normalized, fun environment. We love all of the amazing people we have met through HCAF.” Sharon has spent 25+ years in the high tech industry in Global Sales, Strategy & Planning.

Maria Collett

Maria Collett, Board Member

Maria is a paraprofessional in a Jefferson County elementary school. She and her husband Tim have three adopted children, 18 year old twin boys born in the Philippines, and a 12 year old daughter born in Korea, so they have been involved in both the Filipino and Korean Heritage Camps for many years. “Our family has enjoyed Filipino and Korean Heritage Camps for eleven years, and it has been a wonderful experience. We have all learned so much, and the camps have opened up many avenues of conversation about culture and adoption within our family. I am excited to be able to contribute to HCAF as a board member, and look forward to giving back to an organization which has given so much to our family.”

Alisha Kwon Hammett

Alisha Kwon Hammett, Board Member

Alisha is a city planner and urban designer for the City and County of Denver. She moonlights as a part-​time instructor/​lecturer for the Ethnic Living and Learning Community Studies Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder, teaching multicultural leadership and public interest design. Alisha is a bi-​racial, Korean/​African-​American adoptee who has been both internationally and domestically adopted. Alisha attended Korean Heritage Camp with her forever family, for the first time at 9 years old. Since then, Alisha has been a presenter at 11 of the Heritage Camps and has served as a camp counselor. “Camp is the place where I discovered how my adoption empowered me. Camp was also the place where my loneliness was lifted. Everyone was special, and adopted– like me.”

Michele Horn

Michele Horn, Board Member

Michele Horn is an attorney currently employed with the U.S. Department of Labor. She and her husband, David Harder, have four adopted Chinese Children – two teenage girls and two elementary aged boys. They have been going to Chinese Heritage Camp for eleven years and Michele has been a Coordinator for the past six years. Michele brings with her the experience of having served on numerous boards in the past.

Sanjiv Nariani

Sanjiv Nariani, Board Member

Sanjiv is a Senior Project Manager at KDC Architects/​Engineers, PC in Denver. Sanjiv, his wife Namita, and their two daughters, have been instrumental in bringing authentic India culture to our Indian Nepalese Heritage Camp for many years. Sanjiv joined the board because “after 12 years of being in awe of the generous parents nurturing these balanced & beautiful adopted children and both surpassing differences and man-​made limitations to form a wordly family unit, I feel privileged to be on the board of this organization.”

Stephanie Roberts

Stephanie Roberts, Board Member

Stephanie and her husband Mark have two children (ages 6 and 3), one of which was adopted domestically. Stephanie currently works for a not-​for-​profit child placement agency, Creative Adoptions Inc., as the Adoption Program Manager. Prior to working for Creative Adoptions, Stephanie was an event planner for large corporations and conference organizers. Stephanie and her family attended their first African Heritage Camp in 2012 and immediately realized that ACHC would be part of their summer plans for years to come. “ACHC had a profound impact on both my husband and me. Our daughter is just a little too young to understand how Camp will benefit her, but she talks about next summer quite often, so we believe that is a positive start!” Stephanie looks forward to helping HCAF’s mission by outreach to other child placement agencies, families and adoptees.

Devon Shendleman

Devon Shendleman, Board Member

Devon is an East Indian Adoptee with deep roots in Colorado. He was schooled here at University of Denver & University of Colorado and has built small businesses that blanket the Denver Metro Area. Devon brings an adoptee perspective, business sense and a great amount of passion for the adoptee experience to the board.

Valerie Towery

Valerie Towery, Board Member

Valerie and her husband, Jeff, have been involved with Chinese II Heritage Camp for 10 years. Their two daughters, both adopted from China, have grown up going to camp and look forward to it each year. They especially appreciate the pre-​camp knowledge and consulting opportunities they get from their parents’ roles over the years as Coordinators, Director, and T-​shirt designer. “There’s a special connection with other campers that defies the short length of time they actually spend together. There are friends our girls get to see only once a year for just about 3 days, but they are some of the strongest, most meaningful relationships they have.” Valerie has performed many Coordinator roles at camp and served as Director for 2 years, but felt it was time to join the Board to participate in the strategic path of camps. She is proud to represent her Camp and learn from the experience of others. When not at camp, playing with kids, practicing yoga, or enjoying Colorado, Valerie works in the financial services realm specializing in regulatory compliance.

Eric Voogt

Eric Voogt, Board Member

Eric is President of the law firm Inman Flynn Biesterfeld & Brentlinger, P.C. based in Denver, Colorado. Eric and his wife Alison have a nine year old son, Mason, and a six year old daughter, Sophia. They adopted Sophia from Hanoi, Vietnam. Eric loves to travel, play tennis, ski and bike. Eric and Alison deeply appreciate the positive impact that Vietnamese Heritage Camp has on not only Sophia, but their entire family. They love the feeling of community and the confidence it gives their daughter. Eric is looking forward to helping continue HCAF’s great work for adoptive families.

Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson, Board Member

Karen is a Registered Nurse and GI Lab Clinical Coordinator at Parker Adventist Hospital as well as a faculty member with the University of Phoenix. She is a single mom who has two adopted daughters from China. The Wilson family has been attending either Chinese Heritage Camp or Chinese ll Camp since 2001 and Karen has served as a camp coordinator for the past 14 years. Her most memorable moment from camp was when her youngest daughter was two and attended camp for the first time. At the end of the day she said “mom, I’m going to miss all my red friends”. When not working or at camp Karen is busy as a Girl Scout leader.

Scott Wong

Scott Wong, Board Member

Scott is a financial consultant. He and his wife Dawn have two adopted children, a daughter born in China and a son born in Korea. They have been involved in both the Chinese and Korean Heritage Camps for over 15 years. Scott is currently Co-​Director of the Korean Heritage camp and his wife is Co-​Director of the Chinese Heritage Camp. Scott joined the Board of Directors to give back to the heritage camp families and staff for all they have done for their children. This amazing group provided their son and daughter a sense of family and community support needed to address any adoption and or cultural issues.

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