Where Was Your Adopted Child Born?


If your child was born in China, then one of our two Chinese Heritage Camps is perfect for your family! The mission of this camp is to celebrate the heritage of all adopted children of China. We have incorporated Chinese culture into our camp programming for all ages, and invite presenters and speakers who are Chinese to share their culture with us at camp. We also spend time at camp exploring the unique gifts and challenges that come with our mostly trans-​racial adoptive families. We realize that as your children grow, they will be dealing with issues faced by any child of color, no matter their country of birth. At our camp, they are with a sea of families who are like theirs, and with children who are in the majority for a few days. We have two choices of Chinese Heritage Camps for you to think about attending with your family

Our camp at Snow Mountain Ranch in Grand County, Colorado is our largest camp with over 200 families attending. It is in a beautiful Rocky Mountain setting, with not only camp activities to attend but also plenty of opportunities to take advantage of a mountain vacation. Lodging is available on site, as are all meals. To learn more about Chinese Heritage Camp at Snow Mountain Ranch, please click on the link below.
Mountain Camp


Chinese Heritage Camp II is held on a lovely small college campus in southwest Denver. It is a much more intimate camp with 80 families attending regularly. Denver is a vibrant, family friendly city with much to do outside of camp time. We always offer a hotel for families to stay in with group rates, or you can commute from home each day for camp to keep camp costs low. To learn more about Chinese Heritage Camp II in Denver, please click on the link below.
Urban Camp

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