Update on 2018 Cambodian Community Reunion

Greetings Cambodian Heritage Camp parents and counselors (past and present),

We have great news! We achieved our fundraising goal to place a deposit on a Reunion Cabin at Snow Mountain Ranch so that it can be a possible venue to hold our Cambodian Heritage Reunion in 2018!!

Thank you very much to everyone who communicated with us regarding this request, and a big, additional THANK YOU to all those who contributed, including the following families/​individuals: Najjar, Sok, Gendler, Hausman, Armour, Ives-​Johnson, Hatch, Tefft, Anderman, Torres, Taing, Grossman, Campbell, Davis, Chay, Carpenter, Bender, Chhea, Thach, Olewine, Blender-​Grabowski, Borst, Stevens, Touch, Ogren, Jackson, Kirn, Page-​Romer, Ippolito-​Jacobstein, Keating, Seid, Bachet, Shapiro, McBrayer.

If your pledge was received, you should have received a ‘thank you’ message from Sharon Blender. If you did not, please contact her as soon as possible at sharon.blender@heritagecamps.org

Summary details are below (see table and bulleted text) on the total amount raised/​recieved and Steering Committee decisions on how to manage the funds.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The Steering Committee also discussed and approved the proposal that the days/​dates for the event be shifted slightly, so that check-​in will be on Friday, July 13th – and check-​out will be on Monday, July 16th. This will give us the standard ‘long weekend’ model.

Line Item $$ Comments
Amount Pledged $ 4,500 families and counselors (34 donors)
Amount Received $ 4,300 one check is in the mail, not received yet
Deposit $ 2,098 deposit for 8 BR reunion Cabin 1012
Cabin Base cost $ 5,997 rental, 3 nights
Cabin Tax $ 400 rental, 3 nights
Total Cost $ 6,397 rental 3 nights
Balance of donations $ 2,200 balance remaining after deposit paid, will be applied to cabin blance due Jan 2018
Total remaining $ 2,097 to be raised, due Jan 2018

Summary (details from table above):

1. Fundraising goal: minimum of $2098.00 (the equivalent of the cost of a deposit on one cabin at SMR).

2. Amount raised: Pledges for contributions reached $4,500.00. As of September 25, 2016, Sharon received $4,300.00 of this amount.

3. Decision on use of funds raised: Once the amount raised was known, the Steering Committee discussed whether to put a deposit on one or on two cabins. Key points of the discussion included:

  • The purpose of the cabin rental(s) is to use the one or two cabins as a ‘home base’ for our event; and allow us access to other Snow Mountain Ranch (SMR) facilities (TBD).
  • The total rental costs for one 8 bedroom Reunion cabin would be $5,997.00; while the total for renting the two cabins would be roughly $8,000.00.
  • If we were unable to raise the necessary funds to pay the balance due on the cabins (e.g., total rental cost minus deposit = the balance due) in either case, we would loose the deposit(s) and the reservation(s).
  • Ensuring that we will have enough to pay the balance due will require another round of fundraising at a later date, TBD.
  • Therefore the conservative path to help ensure that we would be able to raise the balance due would be to put a deposit on just one cabin as we are much closer to that goal then we are for the two cabins.
  • Final decision: based on the information above and the discussion of the SC members in attendance, a decision was made to place the deposit on cabin.

4. Actions:

  • As of today, (Wednesday, October 12th), Sharon Blender and Tracy McBrayer have delivered the signed contract with SMR and paid the $2,100.00 deposit.
  • A bank account has been established to hold the balance of funds that will be left after the deposit is made ($4,300.00 minus $2,100.00 = $2,200.00 funds remaining).The funds remaining will be used to pay the balance due to SMRfor one cabin before the CamFam Reunion event.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We will be in touch periodically with additional updates as planning progresses.

Once again: We are hugely appreciative that so many of you communicated with us regarding this event, and again, we sincerely thank you for your contributions to making this vision – bringing us back together in 2018 — a reality!

On behalf of the CamFam 2018 Steering Committee,


CamFam 2018 Steering Committee: Carolyn Ogren, Garry Taing, Khuntia Porter, Kimsua Chay, Linda Ippolito, Pat Bowen, Riki Saltzman, Sharon Blender, Tracy McBrayer

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