July 2326, 2015 in Estes Park, CO at the YMCA of the Rockies

2015 Co-​Directors: Ethan Brady & Veronica Thompson

What does Vietnamese Heritage Camp mean to your family?

The most valuable part of camp is the way our daughter looks forward to camp each year, and talks about different aspects of it all year. Her high level of comfort in being with kids and counselors that look like her, and being with multicultural families. Her pride in being “different” is such a refreshing contrast to how I grew up wanting to “blend in

The kids like that everyone looks like them and they feel that they can talk to the other kids more easily because they are adopted.”

Camp is the one place where our child feels entirely comfortable about being adopted as well as Vietnamese. We live in an area with low ethnic diversity, and being able to see other kids and counselors that are so comfortable themselves has been great, especially as middle schoolers are trying to figure out how much they want to conform or be different. This is the one family activity she looks forward to and talks about all year long.”



Chào mng bn (Welcome)

“Vietnam is a country full of kindness, tradition and history.
It is a country that has overcome great obstacles, while always sustaining their cultural values.”

Vietnamese Heritage Camp is one of a handful of camps in the US specifically designed for families with children adopted from Vietnam. Committed to exploring Vietnamese culture and growing as adoptive families, it is sponsored by the highly respected Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families non-​profit organization.

This year we invite you to the mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado to enjoy “A Taste of Vietnam”.

You will be able to sample some typical foods enjoyed in Vietnam and learn about the culture and people of today’s Vietnam. You will meet people from the Vietnamese community and the adopted Vietnamese community as well as other families that are just like your family.

During our four days, we will explore making traditional Vietnamese food, cultural differences as compared to American culture and why you should not use online translators to learn Vietnamese.

We hope that giving you A Taste of Vietnam will inspire you to learn about Vietnam on your own and with other adoptive families.

What Can I Expect From Vietnamese Heritage Camp?

  • An opportunity for your child to find a place where there are others who look like them
  • A place where adults and kids will all learn more about Vietnam, it’s heritage, culture and traditions.
  • A chance for parents to learn more about parenting adopted children, share our stories and learn how to be better parents.
  • An unforgettable weekend filled with natural beauty, friendships and family!

Join us this Summer in Estes Park!

  • Join us for our annual Thursday evening BBQ in memory of our beloved friend Heather Reu
  • Kick off camp at our Opening Ceremony on Thursday night
  • Walk through our Vietnamese Market and discover gifts that will enrich, inspire and add a touch of the Vietnamese culture into your life year round
  • Enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery of Estes Park, Colorado
  • Join us at our annual Ice Cream Social to catch up with old friends and make new ones
  • Saturday Night will entertain you with music, dance, stories and fun for the whole family

As always, we will explore the unique gifts and challenges that come with being transracial adoptive families. As our children grow, they will be dealing with issues faced by every child of color, no matter their country of birth. At camp, our children are with families just like theirs and they are surrounded by campers, counselors and community members who look like them. We enthusiastically celebrate their birth county, and we also celebrate adoption as a culture of its own. The impact and importance of being with families “just like theirs” at camp cannot be understated. It creates bonds between our children and our families that may not easily found in our communities and other areas of our daily lives.

We hope to see you at camp in July. For further information, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Vietnamese Heritage Camp Facebook page to get more connected ot our camp!

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