September 47, 2015 at Snow Mountain Ranch Fraser, CO

2015 Directors: Kathy Eason, Ron Fryer, Susie Hale, & Dawn Hinsvark

What does Chinese Heritage Camp mean to your family?

This was my daughter’s comment as she was leaving: I’d rather be here than with my soccer team! Meaning — camp was the most important thing in her life!”

This is the highlight of our daughter’s year. We get as much value planning, preparing for, and discussing after the event as the event itself. It is a shared conversation that brings us closer together and makes some conversations possible that otherwise would be very difficult for us to fall into.”

My daughter has a sense of belonging– stronger here than anywhere else!”


Chinese Heritage Camp was one of the first camps in the country exclusively created for families with children adopted from China. It is one of the 11 camps facilitated by the highly respected Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families. Chinese Heritage Camp offers programs for infants through high school. This will be the 19th year families from across the country meet in Colorado to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and share their adoption stories. This camp regularly fills up quickly with a waiting list, and the camp has grown along with Chinese adoptees, now boasting a large group of high school campers and our first wave of adopted Chinese counselors!

Our theme for the 2015 Chinese Heritage Camp is “Ewe and the Arts”

In the Chinese zodiac, this is the Year of the Sheep. People born in the year of the Sheep are tender, polite, clever, and kind-​hearted. They have a special sensitivity to art and beauty. At China camp we will be celebrating both the Year of the Sheep and the arts in China.

From the fine arts of painting, sculpture, music, and poetry, to the decorative arts of cloisonné, jewelry, and traditional costume, Chinese culture is deeply rooted in the arts. Campers may learn a Chinese dance, make puppets for a shadow theater, create Chinese paper cuts or fold paper figures (first invented in the Han period). They may participate in the martial art of Kung Fu or create artful and delicious Chinese cuisine. Campers will also enjoy outdoor activities at Snow Mountain Ranch, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, making this a weekend of both art and beauty!

We also spend time at camp exploring the unique gifts and challenges that come with our mostly transracial adoptive families. We realize that as your children grow, they will be dealing with issues faced by any child of color, no matter their country of birth. At our camp, they are with a sea of families who are like theirs, and with children who are in the majority for a few days. Though we celebrate and highlight the birth country of our campers, the similarities of being adopted children of color in mostly transracial families is what really bonds the children, and their families so immediately at our camp.

We hope to see you at camp this summer. For further information, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Registration for this year’s camp opens on March 11, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. MST. There is ALWAYS a waiting list, so get registered early!

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