Chinese II

July 1720, 2014 in Golden, CO at Colorado School of Mines

2014 Co-​Directors: Liz Teska & Caroline Yates

What are our Chinese Heritage Camp II families saying is most valuable to them about camp?

  • Getting together & getting to know all the other families just like ours. Watching the children interact and bond with the counselors, who they admire so much. I think the counselors make the camp what it is and they are so great with the kids!
  • Connecting with other families and sharing stories.
  • The counselors were fantastic — loving, warm, and fun. Beautiful people, great with little kids. We loved them all.
  • The opportunity for connection for my daughter and the AMAZING workshops for parents.
  • Our daughter developing her racial identity through a sense of belonging.
  • Something that we will take home as most valuable – the family connections.
  • The opportunity for our daughter to be around so many others who share her story. It is always powerful for her and truly feels like a place where she belongs.


Come celebrate our 11th year of Chinese Heritage Camp II this July 1720 in beautiful Golden, Colorado at our NEW LOCATION, the Colorado School of Mines campus.


Our small, urban camp is a family camp with programming and workshops for the entire family. Chinese Heritage Camp II is one of few camps of its kind in the country, specifically designed for families with adopted children from China. Committed to exploring both the cultural and the adoption aspects of growth as an adoptive family, it is one of 11 camps facilitated by the highly respected Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families. 7585 families attend this camp with children from toddlers to teens and family members ranging from older siblings to grandparents.

Our camp this year will feature the theme “A Taste of China”. Through workshops and activities we will explore the wonderful tastes China has to offer. From spicey Sichuan to the vinegar of Shanxi we’ll enjoy the many flavors China has to offer.

Our 20-​something Asian American counselors are assigned to every age group and serve as mentors to our children as they participate in cultural activities along with our children.

As always, we will explore the unique gifts and challenges that come with our mostly transracial adoptive families. We realize that as your children grow, they will be dealing with issues faced by any child of color, no matter their country of birth. At our camp, they are with a sea of families who are like theirs, and with children who are in the majority for a few days. Though we enthusiastically celebrate their birth country, we also celebrate adoption as a culture of its own. The similarities of being with other families “just like theirs” is what really bonds the children and their families so immediately at our camps.

Come celebrate with us this July in Golden; we look forward to seeing you again, or for the first time. Registration opens March 7, 2014

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