July 1619, 2015 at Snow Mountain Ranch in Fraser, CO

2015 Directors: Sharon Blender, Jean Monahan, Jules Micheli

FOUR DAYS A SUMMER.…IMPACT FOR LIFE!Cambodian Adoptive family camp

Cambodian Heritage Camp (CamHC) is the only culture camp in the U.S. specifically for Cambodian-​born adoptees and their families. Now in its 13th year, CamHC takes place at Snow Mountain Ranch in Fraser, Colorado, over 4 days in mid-​July. Families travel from across the U.S. and internationally to join each other for this “extended family” event. We are joined by our outstanding network of Cambodian-​American volunteers from Colorado and both coasts who share their cultural heritage through their participation as camp counselors, workshop leaders and presenters.

Our theme for CamHC 2015 is Khmerican #khmerpride.

Khmerican #khmerpride will integrate the delights and challenges of being Cambodian-​born and American-​raised. It will include the nature of identity as each person perceives it and will also acknowledge the reality of how others perceive this dual-​identity.

Programming is in the earliest stages and will be developed by this year’s Directors and CamHC coordinators in the coming months. It may include workshops featuring:

  • how to use comedy when faced with stereotypes
  • reclamation cuisine” (foods that are Khmer in origin which are often mislabeled as another type of Asian cuisine)
  • possibly some current award-​winning movies about the golden age of Khmer cinema and other documentaries by contemporary Khmer filmmakers
  • Khmer basics, including: translations and meanings of given Khmer names
  • opportunities to use common greetings and phrases for social settings
  • interactive sessions spanning the arts, sports, and more.

In addition it may include workshops about the American side of being Khmerican, opportunities our campers may have to contribute as Americans who are Cambodian-​born.

As always, we will explore the unique gifts and challenges that come with being transracial adoptive families. As our children grow, they will be dealing with issues faced by every child of color, no matter their country of birth. At camp, our children are with families just like theirs and they are surrounded by campers, counselors and community members who look like them. We enthusiastically celebrate their birth county, and we also celebrate adoption as a culture of its own. The impact and importance of being with families “just like theirs” at camp cannot be understated. It creates bonds between our children and our families that may not easily found in our communities and other areas of our daily lives.

Family Day: If you can arrive early, plan to participate in “Family Day” activities starting Wednesday evening, July 15th. There will be various family and group activities offered leading up to our official camp kick-​off Thursday evening, July 16th. We begin with our popular all camp BBQ dinner (optional) at 5pm Thursday July 16th. This is a great time to kick back and get reacquainted with old friends and meet new ones while enjoying a great meal. Cambodian Heritage Camp Opening Ceremonies follow at 7pm, and camp programming continues through Sunday morning, July 19th.

The Great Yurt Adventure: Teen Pre-​camp Opportunity! Back by popular demand, teenagers going into 9thgrade or older are invited to attend pre-​camp from the afternoon of Sunday, July 12, through the morning of Thursday, July 15, staying in the SMR Yurt Village, with no formal activities (other than group cooking). This is NOT sponsored by Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, but is a private venture run by the chaperoning parents for CamHC campers, with an anticipated cost of approximately $180/​person. If you want further information, please contact Kay Webster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We hope to see you at camp in July. For further information, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit our Facebook page for more camp connections!

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