Making the Connections

Through the celebration of adoption and heritage, HCAF facilitates essential connections for adoptive families

  • …among similarly situated adoptive families, to promote an increased sense of community and belonging, and as a basis for expanded long-​term support networks among parents and among kids.
  • …between diverse cultural communities and adoptive families, so that adopted kids and their families strengthen their understanding of the child’s cultural heritage; develop a sense of entrée into the child’s cultural community; and gain the language and confidence to speak knowledgably about their cultural heritage, trans-​racial experiences, and coping with racial discrimination.
  • …between adoptive families and helping entities, to give adoptive families more language and confidence to speak knowledgably about adoption, to help adoptive parents gain increased understanding of the unique needs of adopted kids, and to connect parents in need of assistance with more resources to address the special challenges of some adoptions.
  • …between adoptive families and the greater world, through advocacy and research in our communities of influence, and through philanthropic investment in international causes, to change generic perceptions of adoption, particularly trans-​cultural adoption.

As one parent of teenagers who have been coming to camp since they were preschoolers said recently:

Our camp experience has changed through the years. Now, it is so important for my kids to see their friends and to feel part of a group who kids who are just like them. This is the most important thing about camp for us now. For my husband and me, we value the adoptive parenting workshops even more now, and everything else about camp. Camp simply fills us up.

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