Ethiopian Heritage Day

Ethiopian Heritage Day (EHD) Saturday June 22, 2013 Denver, CO

We are excited, this year, to offer an Ethiopian Heritage Day (EHD) on Saturday, June 22nd for families with children adopted from Ethiopia. We encourage you to attend the entire African-CaribbeanAfrican/​Caribbean Heritage Camp, which is such a great experience for Transracial families, and join in the EHD activities on Saturday. However, you can come to camp on Saturday just for our special Ethiopian Heritage Day.

The cost will be $50 per person in the family, plus a $45 per family facility fee. This will cover the entire day’s activities, t-​shirts, materials, and a delicious Ethiopian lunch.

We are planning Ethiopian cultural activities in the morning that families will engage in together. Members of the Denver-​area Ethiopian community have jumped on board enthusiastically to lead these cultural activities, allowing us to experience Ethiopian culture with Ethiopians; this engagement with members of our children’s birth cultures is a trademark of our organization. Then after a delicious Ethiopian lunch with the entire camp, the kids will break into their age groups and continue their exposure to African, Afro-​Caribbean, and African American culture with the rest of the camp kids.

Parents will have the chance to attend some of the amazing cultural and adoption-​related workshops this camp always presents, including discussions of how the experiences of children adopted from various parts of the African and African-​American world and their families differ and connect. We hope this will help your family gain support and friendship with other Transracial families who are “just like yours.”

Please go to our registration page and click on African Caribbean Heritage Camp, and either register for the whole camp, or select Ethiopian Heritage Day only. We look forward to seeing you at camp this summer!

We hope to see you at camp in June! For further information or to inquire about scholarship opportunities, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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