African Caribbean

June 811, 2017 in Denver, CO at Regis University

2017 Directors: Christine Brockett, Stephanie Roberts, and Steve Livingston

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What does African Caribbean Heritage Camp mean to your family?

(Survey responses from previous camp attendees)

“African/​Caribbean Heritage Camp is about letting our children (and our whole family) be a part of something, of finding a place of belonging, and being so supported by everyone (other kids, families, and those awesome counselors!)”

“Our family has a chance to spend time together in a shared experience that focuses on our child’s birth culture. Nothing is better than that!”

“I love the entire camp experience. I so value anything that will help my child develop a healthy identity. I also love anything that provides me with specific tools on how to deal with issues involving race.”

“We were new to camp last year, and it was a life changing experience for our family!”



African/​Caribbean Heritage Camp (ACHC) celebrates its 19th year in 2017 and remains one of the few camps of its kind in the country. Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families developed ACHC for families who adopted:

  • African American and bi-​racial children
  • African children (from Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and other African nations)
  • Haitian or other Caribbean children

Every year at camp, we incorporate the roots of African culture into our programming for all ages, and have the pleasure of experiencing how these diverse and amazing histories make all of us who we are today. While we celebrate and strive to highlight the different birth countries of our campers, the similarities among adopted children of color in transracial families is what really bonds us. It is that connection — with other families, cultural heritage, the greater community, and role models — that makes a lasting difference.

We also spend time at camp exploring the unique gifts and challenges that come with our transracially adoptive families. We realize that, as our children grow, they will be dealing with issues faced by any child of color, no matter their country of birth. This is never more evident than the first day of camp, when children and parents alike experience that collective sigh of relief upon realizing that they are with a sea of families who are just like theirs. We also celebrate adoption as a culture of its own. There is no greater gift you can give your child (or yourself).

We had our biggest camp yet in 2016! With 112 adoptive families, our amazing volunteer counselors, and outstanding workshop leaders and presenters, we had a total of 449 participants in this year’s camp — a record! To review the 2016 schedule and workshop descriptions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly, and we wil be happy to send you the materials.

We are in the exciting planning stages for ACHC 2017! Our camp theme this year is: “Woven Together-​Unity in Diversity.”

ACHC 2017 celebrates all that we have in common with each other and the ways we are unique and different. From the diversity of our cultural heritages and our individual uniquenesses, to the unifying experiences of being adopted, being of color, and being transracial families, we are woven together into a community that is strong and beautiful. This year’s camp is represented by this popular Adinkra symbol from Ghana meaning “democracy and unity in diversity”, which shows twin crocodiles that have two mouths but share one stomach.

Watch this site for updates about our 2017 camp programming, guest presenters, and activities as they are confirmed.

We hope to see you at camp in June! For further information or to inquire about scholarship opportunities, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, like our Facebook page for more connection to our camp community!

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